against external assaults

"My associates are often confronted by customers."
Your team is faced with assaults or violence from outside the company?

We remind you that the company must guarantee its associates quality support to help them overcome a difficult event.

When an associate is subject to a traumatic event (accident, assault, sequestration...) he is very vulnerable. He/She can be subject to the repetition syndrome whereby people relive, at more or less regular intervals, the traumatic scene, leading to anxiety and incessant ruminations. This syndrome affects the individual's health and its ability to work.

This violence cannot be tolerated.

It’s very important to know how to react to harmful situations. In the case of external assault, your support is important but cannot replace specific post-traumatic care.

Prescribed reactions to support the development of your team

  • Restore a sense of security

    This phase is essential before restoring activity. Explain that an action plan is under construction.

  • Avoid violent acting out

    Analyze the experienced situation; recommend improvements to workspaces, procedures...

  • Don't minimize aggressive acts

    Because post-traumatic stress disorder can last for years and have real consequences on the victim's life.

  • Train your team in crisis management

    Your team needs information and advice to help them manage assault.

  • Alert other parties

    These situations must be known internally and dealt with by professionals.

Don't forget, if you have any problems you have internal resources

Human Resources

Your Managers

Staff representatives

Occupational Health Services