meaning to work

"One of my associates told me that he no longer knew what he was working for..."
How to give meaning to work to your associates?

Your company is a part of your entity. You pampered it by shaping it, giving it your vision. It makes sense to you. You must keep the foundation of these values and share them with others as a manager.

Sometimes some of your associates may feel that they are useless or inconsistent with their own values.. As a result, little by little, doubt settles in and they are no longer sure to understand why they are there.

Doubt then gradually begins to take hold of them, which can lead them to reassessment.

It’s therefore very important to re-motivate your team before being faced with discouraged or even released associates.
Put some sense back to your team's work continuously in order to avoid the period of doubts.

Our recommendations to support the development of your team

  • Emphasize communication

    You must communicate with your collaborators to help them get involved in a project. For that, do not hesitate to use humour. Discuss quality criteria because the quality of a job well done is a subject of debate that is important to ask with your associates. Differences between actors about quality criteria are a reality in all organizations and are not in themselves a problem, but what can become a problem is not to exchange quality criteria.

  • Build trust and confidence

    Learning to trust your associates is necessary. By granting more freedoms, they will feel empowered and will be able to enjoy a fulfilling professional life. Avoid situations that could put associates at odds with customers, for example with a commercial promise or unsustainable deadlines. Also, avoid situations where the employee must perform tasks that he/she does not approve of.

  • Create a harmonious working environment

    What could be more motivating than working in a position in a pleasant environment? Therefore, we recommend that you adopt a positive, fair and sociable attitude. Better yet, be grateful. Give associates a place in decisions. As a result, your associates will not feel excluded.

  • Adopt clear and effective rules

    They must be fair, precise and above all understood by all. To contribute to the given meaning of work, you will need to take time to specify the ins and outs of the tasks that are assigned to associates. For example, you can show the final realization of the product or service.

Don't forget, if you have any problems you have internal resources

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