about changes

"We are planning to change our organization."
How can I prepare my team for this change?

Our world is in constant evolution, so change becomes inevitable.

It is understandable to be afraid of change and to resist, especially when announcing this novelty. What is difficult for your associates is to accept that what they have known in the past will no longer be the case.

Your biggest challenge is to help your team to let go.

Each of your associates will have their own path to change. Some will adapt easily and quickly while others will require a little more time and encouragement.

Resistance to change can prevent your associates from moving forward and therefore from progressing. The key is to communicate about the changes to reassure.

Fear of change is just one of the numerous faces of changes’ resistance. This resistance can become unhealthy so it’s essential to communicate.

Our instructions

to support the development of your team

  • Anticipate change

    You must instill a long-term vision within your team, this will allow them to accompany change and not to undergo it. Before implementing any change, consider estimating its human impact. What kind of consequences will it have for associates?

  • Clearly announce changes

    Explain why the change is necessary and all the benefits it will bring. Also present the transition process to reassure associates. Knowing all the steps that will be taken makes it easier to understand the change.

  • Stay available for your associates

    Your associates will need to talk about their fear of change and therefore ask you questions. Be attentive and de-dramatize the situation. Change can be so beneficial!

  • Train your associates

    Training will reduce your associates' stress and increase their self-confidence. The knowledge of the change curve will allow everyone to situate themselves in the acceptance of the new organization and to understand their reactions and those of their peers.

Don't forget, if you have any problems you have internal resources

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Your Managers

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