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"My associates are not achieving their objectives"
How can you help all your associates to remain motivated?

You feel that your associates are experiencing difficulties, and it has impacts on their motivation, and as a manager, your support is essential to keep your team motivated.

Whether in daily life or in difficult situations, you are the point of reference for your associates.

Everyone reacts differently to a difficulty encountered at work. Your position brings you to manage at times inclined to cause stress among your associates. We therefore advise you to remain available to your team so that you can be present when they feel the need to solicit you.

Knowing how to offer support to your associates will help them feel safe in front of the obstacle they encounter. This will also allow you to create a collaborative and trusting environment.

Our 3 suggestions to support your team's development

  • Be present, especially in difficult times

    There is nothing worse for your associates than feeling alone and abandoned in front of difficulties. Stay accessible to your team and provide them with your expertise and support. Sketch out possibilities, give them advices or direct them towards contacts/resources that can help them unblock the situation.

  • Use your judgment

    Remember that you can also make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Failure is part of success. "Mistakes are human" and we all make mistakes. If one of your associates makes a mistake, take a step back and spend time with him/her to analyse the reasons and consequences of his/her action, without creating a feeling of guilt. Not all errors are equal, and only a few rare cases fall within observation or sanction. Both the organization and the working community are making progress in error analysis, so it can avoid repeating itself.

  • Be available and attentive

    For example, introduce the principle of the closed or open door, this will allow you to stay close to your team without being disturbed. Being available does not mean accepting to be constantly disturbed, interrupted in your work. If you are faced with a request and feel that it can wait, postpone and let your employee know when you will be more available to listen. Sometimes it is better to take time to listen than to hurry and lack attention.

Don't forget, if you have any problems you have internal resources

Human Resources

Your Managers

Staff representatives

Occupational Health Services