all forms of violence

"There's been a violent quarrel within the team."
How should I react to internal conflicts within my team?

A conflict between two associates can quickly have an impact on the whole collective and impact the quality of life at work as well as the results of your team.

These forms of violence can be hidden and therefore unknown to you (rumours, swear words, intrusions, botched work...).

Internal violence has a negative impact on the health of the associates concerned (directly and indirectly). This can grow over time and have a major impact on the team's organisation, results and social climate...

In order to recover a healthy situation, the intervention of an external and neutral mediator makes it possible to dissociate the objective elements from the emotional and defuse the conflict.

The 4 steps of conflict management to support the development of your team

  • Avoid conflict by maintaining cohesion

    Create conditions for a good collective agreement, including very clear rules for "living well together". Team-building can be an effective way to prevent conflicts. Focus on collective rather than individual objectives. Encourage mutual support among associates and take the time to highlight collective solutions to the difficulties encountered.

  • Identify misunderstanding

    Pay attention to the first signs, when a relationship between two of your associates changes, for example. Adopt neutral listening skills. Define a procedure for resolving conflicts (review the reasons for work-related tensions, analyse outbreaks of violence, develop an action plan and regularly monitor the situation.

  • Stay tuned to the conflict's feedback

    An associate enters your office angry and talks you about the conflict. Help him to describe his exasperation to stimulate his relational intelligence.

  • Stay tuned for the upsurge in conflict

    An employee enters your office furious and tells you about the conflict. Help him to factualize his exasperation to stimulate his relational intelligence. You can work with him to identify the factors that are at the root of his tense situation to co-construct an action plan

Don't forget, if you have any problems you have internal resources

Human Resources

Your Managers

Staff representatives

Occupational Health Services